Welcome to RHE-Translation. I’m Rachael, a Freelance Translator of Spanish, French & Catalan > English, based in Barcelona.

Are you looking for creative ways to overcome linguistic challenges when translating your message into English and Google Translate just won’t cut it?

What many people outside of the linguistic world may not know about translation is that, successful translation is about so much more than merely exchanging the words of one language for the words of another. That is what Google can provide, but it may be at a large cost to you or your business if the wrong message is communicated, and is it worth taking such a risk? Translation is a multi-dimensional process which requires creativity, ingenuity, and the right pitch.

I graduated in 2010 from a Dual Language Degree in French & Hispanic Studies at The University of Sheffield (UK) and moved to Barcelona the very same year where initially, I followed the usual expat path, obtained my TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) qualification, and began teaching English. I then moved into Human Resources where I worked as an HR Business Analyst for +5 years in a multi-cultural team. Last year, the right moment arrived to take the plunge and overhaul my career, so I followed my dream of becoming a Freelance Translator.

Since becoming a professional Translator, I have been fortunate enough to have been involved in a wide variety of projects, not only in the field of translation, but also in post-MT, transcription (audio), captioning (video), as well as editing and proof-reading translations carried out by fellow translators. I have also worked on a huge array of fascinating subject matters, from biomimicry, to collaborative robots, training materials, contracts, hundreds of news articles, current affairs, reports on international relations, digital trust, sustainable commerce, culture and events, even a thermal spa pamphlet…

I invest a great deal of time, energy and passion into every one of my translations, researching topics in depth where necessary, building knowledge, and diligently working phrase by phrase, paragraph by paragraph, page by page to translate the words and their meanings accurately into the target language to obtain the best results possible.

If you or your business requires a precise and creative translation, and you would like to request a free quote for translation or proofreading services, please don’t hesitate to contact me for further information using the Contact Form available.

—RHE Translation—